Vermont Highland Cattle Company: Sustainably grown natural Vermont products


"Vermont Highland Cattle Company produces natural 100% grass fed and grass finished beef that puts authentic beef flavor back on plate. The improved flavor, texture and nutritional aspects of VHCC beef are a winning combination that complements my cuisine.

"The natural leanness of the meat (from a combination of breed characteristics and diet) is an advantage for me as well; I am not paying for fat that is lost in the preparation of the dish. Additionally VHCC meat has an authenticity and tactile element that is difficult to match.

"I use VHCC ground beef exclusively and recommend it to any chef for its great flavor and texture. The sirloin and chuck roasts are probably my favorite cuts since they can be cooked in a variety of methods and offer me significant contribution margins from my menus.

"Another reason I choose to work with VHCC is that they believe in community, humane treatment of their animals and they have a philosophy that always produces quality."

"We are so pleased with the quality and flavor of your beef, the taste is incredible, the beef tender and juices in every slice has been a delight.

"First we tried the hamburger grilled with just a bit of olive oil and nothing else. The best burgers we've ever had. No need for sauces or condiments, no salt or pepper. No need to enhance that wonderful beef taste. We were told that it is a different taste, very lean. I love the succulent sweet taste of fat but soon realized... I had been looking for more flavor in the meat we were buying. Not necessary with your beef.

"Followed by making beef stew - the broth was so rich and the meat so tender. Meat loaf (which we now call - BEEF loaf) no fat to be drained off, no shrinkage. I was totally surprised to see it the same size after cooking. I've never been fond of meat loaf or beef stew. It always seemed a shame to over cook meat and not have it rare. To my husbands delight, I've made more "BEEF loaf", meatballs and stew in the last two months than all of last year!

The steaks...we cannot decide which one is best...they have all been so good, so rich in flavor and tender. We have lived in Vermont for ten years and were never pleased with beef bought at our local grocery stores no matter what cut or was always a gamble.

"Thank you not only for the quality and high standard of your beef, conditions of your barns we pass by on Routes 100 and 105 but the exceptional service. Ray had been so helpful and informative. We have been treated as well as any one of your major accounts, 25 lbs. of beef - delivered to Eden - I call that exceptional service."