Vermont Highland Cattle Company: Sustainably grown natural Vermont products

Why choose artisan beef producer?

Vermont Highland Cattle Company is a Premier Artisan Beef Producer. This term is used to distinguish smaller ranchers from large industrial operations. We raise animals the old fashioned way, naturally.

Naturally raised animals are:

  • — spared the stress of confinement found at industrial slaughterhouses
  • — reared without the routine use of antibiotics or growth hormones

Hormones turn feed into muscle at a higher rate with less fat. However, fat, or commonly known as marbling, gives beef its flavor and tenderness. Animals not under stress, fed an all natural vegetarian diet of high quality forage as we do at VHCC grow better, producing beef that is healthy and has a discernable depth of flavor.

Animals destined for large industrial operations:

  • — change ownership and location on average 4 to 5 times
  • — are processed in a big plant
  • — travel long distances in a refrigerated truck
  • — sit on a loading dock until finally being placed in the meat case at your local supermarket

In contrast Vermont Highland Cattle Company's Artisan Beef is:

  • — raised exclusively on one of our private free ranging ranches
  • — hand picked so you get the best possible product
  • — processed in our family owned plan

All this does take added work and time. We do this to ensure the purity of our beef and to produce the healthiest food we can. Obviously you will find the price to be higher but for the quality, it's definitely worth it. You get what you pay for – from a flavor perspective and a health perspective. It's understandable that our beef is consistently in the company of those with the taste for the finest of the finest.

Today people like you seek a better choice, beyond factory-farmed beef. That choice is Artisan Beef from Vermont Highland Cattle Company raised naturally the way God intended.